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    Striving for the rise of Boqian new materials

    2021-06-11          Views:291

    On June 11, Ningbo Guangxin nano production base and Suqian production base held a quality mobilization pledge meeting through video connection. Chairman Wang Liping attended and delivered a speech.

    Before the conference started, the high international songs promoted the scene atmosphere. The host then read out the declaration of the quality conference. Comrade Shi Wei led all the staff present to shout slogans, and the venue was full of fighting spirit

    Quality is related to the life of enterprises, and is the foundation of high-quality development of enterprises. First of all, vice general manager Shu Lihong delivered a speech on how to control the quality and how to crack the string of quality. She believes that people are always at the top of the elements that affect product quality. If every employee can have a sense of responsibility and constantly improve their personal quality, then quality problems will be less or eliminated in the bud.

    Then the representatives of the production staff of the two places made a statement. They said that quality is the work philosophy of all staff, and quality awareness is in the hearts and hands of all staff. High quality casting needs everyone's commitment and enterprising spirit, and continuous improvement, continuous progress, so as to truly make Boqian new material rise.

    At the end of the meeting, the chairman made an important speech.He believes that an enterprise that has real life and can achieve steady growth is guaranteed by its strong quality foundation. The quality image of an enterprise is created by product quality. Quality is the accumulation of the production process. Only by controlling the production point by point and checking the inspection layer by layer, can the produced products guarantee the quality and become the trusted products in the eyes of customers.In his speech, Mr. Wang finally called on everyone to strive for the development and prosperity of Boqian, but also for our own life value, let high-quality products and quality drive the rise of Boqian new materials!



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